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Seth was born and raised in Baker, Florida. Growing up on his Grandparents’ farm made a lasting impact. Not because this is where he learned to cook. In fact, his Grandma wouldn’t let him near her kitchen — but he learned at a young age how to be self-sufficient dealing with food sources and relationships. He received an invaluable education in butchering, processing meat, making bales of hay, managing the corn mill, collecting eggs, and tending to catfish and cows, as well as how to work with local tradesmen and suppliers.

It was through his culinary studies at high school that he found a passion for cooking and was deeply influenced by his teacher, Ms. Knight. A handful of his classmates got to experience traveling to participate in cooking and fruit carving competitions, and a select few opened a café on site at the school. Ms. Knight was also a key player with connecting Seth to his first restaurant position, where he stayed for over nine years, working his way up at an upscale-casual seafood restaurant. Taking his culinary skills to the next level, Seth moved to a local wine bar as Sous Chef, ironically under another female culinarian; this position not only exposed him to different types of cuisines, but also added waiting tables and Front of the House supervisory duties to round out his professional portfolio.

As part of Chef Jim Shirley’s culinary team, in 2019 Seth traveled with the team to cook at Governor Desantis’ inaugural candlelight dinner and to Chicago for the Gourmet Chicago Food Festival.“ Love what you do or don’t do it” is Seth’s life philosophy. To have fun in this industry, a love for food and people is a must.

When not at the restaurant, you can find Seth in his own kitchen — the passion is real.