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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in his teens Christian moved across the country with his family. After some time working with his uncle in the construction industry, Christian entered the food service industry at a multinational, high-volume hamburger fast food chain restaurant as an outlet for his passion to cook.

Hired on the spot during his interview at the Great Southern Café, Christian was very quickly put to work on every station. He continued to show those around him that he was eager to learn, and that he didn’t run from the hard work.

Christian shares that his daily drive to work is fueled by wanting to make a difference in the restaurant’s guest reviews—as well as being the “go-to” guy from whom everybody asks for help—why? Because he can.

Becoming close to his new teammate on the line, Brian Benjamin, Christian felt the gentle push from Brian to see the bigger picture. When Christian’s new Executive Chef, Innocent Utomi, entered the picture, Christian said that Chef Innocent encouraged his growth beyond technical knowledge and systems, and helped guide Christian to see the path to his vision as a leader.

When not at the restaurant, Christian spends time in friendly competition with his wife in their kitchen, spends time with his young son, and spends time fishing.