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Budsara Yooyangyuen

Born and raised in Thailand, Budsara graduated with a bachelor’s degree in food technology—a doubly proud accomplishment because, out of an extensive family tree, Budsara is the first family member to earn a college degree.

Joining our team in 2012, Budsara first visited our café as a dinner guest in 2010 while in the country as part of a student program. She remembers how that experience felt; comfortable and friendly.

Initially assigned a prep position in the kitchen, Budsara’s “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it for us” work ethic swiftly solidified her the spot at the very heart of the Great Southern Café restaurant, the foremost coveted restaurant on the world-renowned 30A. Budsara’s personal touch is served to thousands of people a week.

Her untaught competitive spirit craves the intellectual mastery of each task within each section in the kitchen, and her caring spirit needs to be able to help any teammate who may need it.

When not in the restaurant, Budsara is tending to a fellow hospitality professional’s young son and preparing home-cooked meals to bring into the team. Budsara’s goal long term is to become a chef. Her life passion is cooking for people.